Address Book


The address book is a productivity tool for the Mac. This is a digital address book where you can store lots of data on your contacts, including their AIM account, their pictures, and extra tidbits. You can print labels and envelopes right from your address book.
Adding Groups Picture_2.png
You can set up groups in your address book. Once your groups are set up, you’ll be able to select a group to send email to, keeping you from having to add each person singularly.
*Double click the address book icon.
*Under Group, click on the Add button.
*While the name of the group is highlighted, type a name for this group. Ex. Tech Cadre II, Family, Students, etc.
*Drag the names of your contacts into your new group. You may have your contacts in several groups.
Adding Contacts
In the Name column you will be able to add your contacts.
*Click on the Add button.
*In the third column type in the name of your contact.
*Add other information in the fields that are provided.
*SAVE!!!! File/Save
Editing FieldsPicture_3.png
You can add/delete fields for each of your contacts.
*In the third column, click on the edit button.
*Click on the red minus to delete a field.Picture_4.png
*To add more fields, go to Card/Add field. There are several fields to choose from.
Choose Custom Image
If you’d like to put your most current picture of yourself in your address book, go to Card/Choose Custom Image. Click on Take a video snapshot to take your picture.
Open your Address Book in Dashboard
Open the dashboard in your dock. Click on the address book. Type in one of your contact’s name and it will appear. This is a quick way to look up data on your contacts.
Using Spotlight Picture_6.png
Open your spotlight and type in the search bar one of your contacts. Put quotation marks around the name so it finds only that name. This will locate anything on your computer that has that contact’s name, emails, documents, etc.
Printing Labels
Once you’ve added your contacts and their mailing addresses, you can print labels, envelopes, or small address lists.
*Go to File/Print to see all the choices.

Picture_7.pngDon’t forget to use your Help Menu.