Authentication for Buhler teachers

1. Open Firefox.
2. Under Firefox (in the upper left hand corner) click on Preferences.
3. Click on the Content tab.
4. Uncheck ‘Block pop-up windows.’ (The authentication is actually a pop-up window and will not work properly if this is checked.)
5. Next, click on the Tabs tab :) and be sure that the following items are checked:
6. Now go to a site that you know is NOT on the white list (such as This gives you the opportunity to authenticate. You do NOT have to authenticate for sites that have been white listed.
7. Put in your username and password. Make sure you choose ODM on the drop down bar.
8. You should now have a small pop-up window that shows you are authenticated. If the pop-up window is blank - your name does not show in it - you’re not truly authenticated (see note below). That pop-up window MUST stay open in order to go to sites that are not on the white list. (You can NOT use iChat Buddy List without being authenticated.)

Blank authentication pop-up window: Try authenticating in Safari. Leave the pop-up window open. You should now be able to use Safari or Firefox.

A side note about iChat:
When you open iChat, go to Window and choose Buddy List (or it will probably just open up to your Buddy List). The buddy list is all the people that you have added to iChat – this includes people in China if you’ve added anyone from China.
Go back to Window and choose Bonjour. You should see a long list of teachers in Bonjour from our district. These are ONLY people on the network that you are on currently. You didn’t add these. They are there automatically. You should be able to chat with these people even if you have NOT authenticated. If you go to a conference and you open Bonjour in iChat, you’ll see only the people who are on that network at the conference. Buhler teachers won’t be listed there anymore when you’re out of district.
Bonjour - ONLY people on the network that you are on.
Buddy List - ONLY people that you have added in iChat.