Discovery Education Streaming

formerly called United Streaming
Go to
Enter your username and password in the "Log In" section on the right side of the screen and click "Go". If you've never registered for Discovery Streaming, contact Mary or Rosemary for your school's passcode. You will enter the passcode only when you register the first time.

My Profile

Make changes to your profile, add your picture, set your grade level, etc.
  • Click on "My Account."
  • Select "My Profile."
  • Make changes/additions to your profile.
  • Click "Save Changes."

My Preferences

Set up your preferences.
  • Click on "My Preferences."
  • Choose appropriate preferences (Quicktime and the Discovery Ed Newsletter)
  • Click "Save Changes."

My Homepage

Design a customized Discovery Education unitedstreaming homepage to view new content updates and weekly teacher tips.
  • Click on "My Home Page" tab
  • Choose customized homepage and choose the content you wish to view including calendar listings and featured videos, receive updates as new videos are added to the site, learn which videos receive the most views and draw inspiration from regular teaching tips.
  • Click "Save Changes."

Types of media
Discovery Education Streaming is NOT just about videos. These are some of the other great media types available.
Full Videos
Video Segments
Lesson Plans
Clip Art


Click on "DE Streaming".

Explore the 5 ways you can search the site.
  1. Keyword Search - The search results will return video titles and descriptions that contain the keyword you entered.
  2. Advanced Search - Keyword search that lets you focus on a specific media publisher or limit your search to include only Editable, Spanish, or New Titles.
  3. Subject Search - Click on one of eight core subject areas to view a complete listing of media resources.
  4. Grade Search - Select a grade range to view a complete list of content appropriate to your grade level.
  5. Curriculum Standards - Videos are cross-references to match Kansas standards (and standards from other states).

Full Video Page - Features and Tools

Use the "Printer Friendly" button to generate pages that include video information.

Use the "E-mail a Friend" button to send page links to other unitedstreaming users

Use the "Add to" feature to add selected video segments to folders in "My Content," quizzes or assignments. This much like bookmarking. You aren't really downloading the videos, just adding them to your content so you won't have to search for them again.
  • Check the box next to the video segment you wish to add.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and make your selection from the "Add to" menu.
  • Click the "Add" button.

Rate the Video - Share your opinion of the video with other users.

Playing Videos

Streaming vs Downloading
  • Streaming Video - Video is played in "real time." Quality of streaming experience is based on speed of internet connection and number of users. Use streaming sparingly. You might stream a video before or after school when the network is not being used quite so much. Stream videos to preview them.
  • Downloading Video - Video is downloaded to your computer. This is the recommended way to watch videos. Again, try not to download videos during peak hours of the day.
    • Click on the download icon and the video will begin downloading to your desktop. If you're using Firefox and you want to be able to choose where your videos will go, go to Firefox Preferences. On the Main Tab, under Downloads, click on Always ask where to save files.
    • Picture_2.png
    • View video and file if you want to keep it. You'll probably want to create a folder for each video you download. That way you can download the teacher's guide and student blackline masters in the same folder together.


Keep your citation with your video or video segment. If you decide to embed your videos in Keynote or PowerPoint, make sure you cite your source.

Select the citation tab.
Highlight the Citation type you prefer and copy it.
Select the video on your desktop.
Go to "File", "Get Info".
Paste the citation into the "Spotlight Comments" space.

Related Materials

  • Curriculum Standards - Click on "Curriculum Standards" link.
  • Blackline Masters - Supplementary materials including worksheets, quizzes, word searches, crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Teacher's Guides - Program objectives, discussion questions and lesson plans.
  • Quizzes - Test student comprehension or survey prior knowledge on a particular subject.

My Content

Allows you to collect, organize, share and retrieve your favorite media resources, assignments, quizzes and writing prompts in one convenient location.

Teacher Center

Provides powerful tools that allow you to create dynamic, interactive multimedia projects for your students.

  • Assignment Builder - build online activities and web-based projects that are stored on the Discovery Education unitedstreaming servers.

  • Creating a New Assignment
    • General Information - provide information about your assignment in the form provided
      • assignment name
      • author
      • school
      • subject area
      • grade level
      • instructions
      • learning objectives
      • teacher notes
    • Save using the "Save" button and select the folder within My Content to which you want to save the assignment.
  • Add Materials
    • add media - video segments, animations, or audio files
    • add a quiz or a writing prompt
    • add links to websites
  • Material Instructions
    • write step by step instructions that your students will see as they work with each material type
  • Preview
    • see what your assignment looks like in its final form
  • Summary
    • provides assignment information you will share with your students
    • provide Assignment Code to students
    • students will need to:

Quiz Builder
  • Allows you to create online assessments to test student comprehension or survey prior knowledge
  • Search over 2,000 pre-made quizzes in the Quiz Library
  • Choose individual questions from the Quiz Builder databank
  • Write your own questions
  • Student access through the Student Center

Creating a New Quiz
    • provide information about your quiz in the form provided
    • use the Keyword Search to add full videos and video segments
    • add questions using the databank or write your own questions
    • preview your quiz and make changes if necessary
    • provide quiz information to share with students using the summary

Writing Prompt Builder
  • Stimulate the writing process in your classroom wit thousands of images that are ready-made for declarative, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing exercises
  • Search the Writing Prompt Library for images accompanied by suggested text or create your own
  • Creating a New Writing Prompt
    • Provide information about your writing prompt in the form provided
    • Search over 20,000 images - when you find the one you want - click "Add to my Writing Prompt." Selecte the page orientation and border and click Continue
    • Customize the text
    • Preview and make changes if necessary
    • provide writing prompt information to share with students using the summary
    • provide Writing Prompt code to students

  • Make history come alive every day by showing video content to your students that presents events that occurred on a particular calendar day, week or month in history.
  • Click on the Teacher Center link
    • Click on the Calendar link
  • Events are categorized by subject areas
    • Science
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Language Arts
    • Biography
    • Health and Guidance
  • Customize display by day, week or month

Lesson Plan Library
  • Contains more than 200 lessons designed for use with Discovery Education unitedstreaming videos.
  • Click on the Teacher Center link
    • Click on the Lesson Plan Library link
      • Click on a subject area to view lesson plans that contain descriptions and indications regarding the recommended grade ranges
      • Save as PDF or in Word format
        • Click on the appropriate format and select "Save."
        • Navigate to the desired location
        • Change name of lesson (keep .pdf or .doc)

Thematic Focus
  • Provides links to lessons and materials organized around a central theme or topic
  • Click on the Teacher Center link
    • Click on the Thematic Focus link
  • Resources - A discussion guide and lesson plans organized by grade levels
  • Media - A list of downloadable video segments
  • Activities - Problems, puzzles, and worksheets
  • Events & Articles - Written material that support the theme
  • Click the "Thematic Focus Archive" link to view a complete list of thematic units organized by subject.

Professional Development