Favorite Websites

Add your favorite websites here. Please add your own annotation so we have an idea what the website is about, what grade level if appropriate, and/or how you use this site.

CD/DVD Labels allows you to create and print CD/DVD labels using your own picture and graphics. On the first page, go to Avery Print in the green box on the right. Then clip start now.

Kansas Writing Project
This cite contains numerous websites for writing projects in the classroom. On the side bar note adventure stories, and read samples stories from grade school students. What a great way to teach the structure of stories as well as learn the process of wikis.
__ - This is a great visual of the size of the Earth compared to the other planets, the Sun, and stars.

School websites (Elementary)

Web English Teacher

Internet 4 Classrooms
K-8 teacher & student skill work by standards; K-12 collections of links organized by subjects, instruction & resources; on-line practice modules for applications; links to sites that change daily or weekly and search engines.
A collection of helpful websites. Especially in Writing and sites
Doug Yeo is the bass trombonist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the top orchestras in the world. He talks about his experiences in the music world both as a performer and a teacher. He has lots of information about playing musically, effective practice, performance anxiety and a Christian perspective to performance.

This is fun site to relax your brain with.
This is an unusual site with useless, interesting facts. When you follow the link at the bottom of the page there are also many brain teasers games, and riddles.

What would the world be like without the internet? Here's one possibility!

21st Century Learning Collaborative
A website filled with information and ideas about infusing 21st Century Learning tools into the classroom. The site examples of student projects, information, including podcasts, of presentations, and lots more.