Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed browsing lets you load Web pages in separate tabs of a single browser window, so you can jump between them quickly and easily. If you're visiting a website and want to click on a link but you don't want to lose your place on the original site, then open the link in a new tab. With tabbed browsing, you can do this without filling your desktop with new, unorganized browser windows.

  • Cmd T to create a new tab in the same window
  • Right-click (control key) a link and choose open in new Tab
  • Ctrl-Tab will alternate between tabs
  • Once you have 2 tabs open, you can just double click in the gray area beside your last tab to create another tab.
  • Bookmark all tabs in a folder - this is great if you're researching a particular topic and want to keep track of all your pages. Puts them all nicely into one folder.
  • You can define a set of tabs as your “home page.” Load the pages in separate tabs in your browser window, and set them as your home page in your user preferences. When you click the Home button in the toolbar, all of the tabs you just specified will open together.

You can find more on tabbed browsing at the following website.

Live Bookmarks
Do you read a particular blog on a regular basis? If so, you'll want to set it as a Live Bookmark. LiveBookmarks.png
Live Bookmarks will appear in your toolbar making it much easier to see if a new post has been added.
  • Go to the blog that you like to read regularly.
Here's a great resource for information on adding live bookmarks.

Firefox - Learn how to bookmark sites, manage the bookmarks, use live bookmarks, and import/export bookmarks.

Firefox Add-Ons and Extensions
One of the best features of Firefox is the availability of add-ons and extensions to make using the web a better experience. Check all the possible options here: