Students must be globally competitive. This is the first generation that will have to compete with people around the world
Three skills –
1. Teach people to deal with a lot of information
2. Teach people to work with other people around the world – how to outsource
3. Teach people to be self-directed
The person who can manage their own work is much more valuable than the person who needs a boss to tell them what to do.

1990 – 32% came back to live with their parents at some point
2005 – 65% came back to live with their parents at some point

Web Browsers – get students away from Google
Google – 1,680,000,000 web pages for November
How to make your account high in the list
Google bomb – popularity contest
Counting hits and counting links between websites
Use for teachers –– pulls from reference material
Citations at the end – tell how to format

Another good search engine –
Especially for younger children
Tools on the right – Do you want to narrow your search?
Expand your search
Related names

Blog search engine –– post your own videos

When you use the command '' in a search engine you see all the incoming links to your site.
Go to your web browser. Type: link:
Shows links to that web site
Add host:edu
Limit results to web addresses from universities
Google has a link on the right to show links to the page.
Type in web address – come to the owner of the web page
Stormfront – White Pride World Wide
Web archive – see how web page has changed over time

Alta Vista
Find sights in only one country.
Host: two letter country code (ex. uk for United Kingdom)
Host: uk “American Revolution” and “ General Gage”
Live debate with students in England about why the American Revolution started

Ask students what search engine they used.
Ask students what do forward links reveal?
Ask students what the back links tell you.
What do the universities say?
What do the schools say about this site?

Wikipedia –
3rd grade class in New Orleans
Visit Pitot House each year
History tab to see who has contributed
Class created article for Wikipedia
Other people started adding
Kids realized people around the world were reading and adding to their article
Teach students to publish on the Internet. They can add content to the encyclopedia
Comparing Britannica and Wikipedia – Britannica – 3 mistakes per article
Wikipedia – 4 mistakes per article
Moderating their web site
Has all the popular culture at the end of the article – adaptations of Macbeth

Skype – Call people on your computer.
Skype user account
Globalearner = Alan November
Don’t have to pay for long distance calls

Slam Day via Videoconferencing
New York City poets – skype – presenting poetry
When students get an authentic audience, they will practice, practice, practice

How would you deliver instruction if you didn’t have your school building to come to?
Podcast every single day – what you are doing in your classroom

1. We should teach people the practical tools for accessing authentic information
2. Telephone calls are free
3. Connecting students to authentic audiences is one of the most dramatic tools for teaching
4. Use Audacity or Garageband to create podcasts – Students can listen over and over again.