Spotlight Tutorial

A Search Tool for your MAC

A great tool for finding documents, images, videos, emails, and more on your Mac.

Spotlight is a searching tool on the Mac that lets you find emails, documents, folders, pictures, iCal events, anything that is stored on your computer, quickly and easily.

Click on the spotlight icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen (or use the shortcut Apple spacebar). Type in the search bar something or someone you want to search for on your computer. Use quotation marks if you are searching for two or more words together, for example “John Doe”, “Ancient Egypt”, etc. Hit Return after you enter your search terms. This will open a finder window showing you the Top Hit . If that isn’t what you want, don’t hit return. Instead look at your list of options. If you choose Spotlight Preferences at the end of your list, you can change the order of how your results will be displayed.

Apple F Another Method of Searching on Your Mac

Another method of searching your Mac to find a document is by going to File/Find while you are on the desktop (Finder level). You can be specific in your search by choosing what kind of file you’re looking for, the date it was created, and more. The Spotlight actually takes you to this same place if you choose something other than the Top Hit. My favorite part of this is at the bottom. You’ll see just where you saved your document.

Search For

Have you ever noticed Search For on your finder? Click on the triangle to open it. You can search for documents you’ve used today, yesterday, and the past week. You can also search for just images, just movies, and just documents.