Web Literacy

Why is it important to understand a URL?
1. You can quickly identify if the source is a .gov or .edu site. These are generally reliable sites.
2. Do you want to know about the destruction of Hiroshima from America's point of view of from Japan's? By understanding the country codes, you'll understand the point of view.
3. When you search, you'll be able to look at the URL of the site before going to it. If the domain name says Amazon you know to get out your credit card.

Ya'll Need to Evaluate Websites! (YouTube video)

Smile Pop Animation: Smile Pop

Watch That Web!

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Martin Luther King

Notes from the session with Alan November in Lindsborg.

Essential Questions:

How is technology affecting the learning process?

How can you become techno-literate?

How can a website change your mind?

Why would someone want to manipulate me?

How do I know I’m getting accurate information?

What is truth on the Internet?

How do you know a website is legitimate?

From whose viewpoint are we seeing or reading or hearing?

How is learning different today from 30 years ago?

Do the rules change in a virtual world?

How can we teach students to think critically on the Internet?

How can I model ethical use of the Internet?

Why are students cheating?

How can wikis and blogs increase collaboration?

How can you evaluate websites?